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Guy Kawasaki's Artisanal Publishing

Guy Kawasaki
This month had been a busy month for me, but nevertheless, I got the chance to review Guy Kawasaki's newest book; APE; Author, Publisher, Entrepeneur - How to Publish a Book

This book is also the first book I read entirely in my newest phone; Samsung Galaxy Y.(yes, it's a small screen, but I'm still a student, need to use money on more important things). The book is in Pdf format, so, I put it in my phone and read it whenever I can; (during walking to my lecture hall, during waiting for a meal). Of course it's dangerous to walking blindly (chances of headbutting a lamp post rise significantly; been there done that) but I cannot help but eager to know how to publish a book *Something that I aspire to do* especially from Guy Kawasaki and also from Shawn Welch (You will know him by reading the book)
Shawn Welch

In Malaysia, I think Guy is not so popular here (as well as other people form the silicon Valley, except Steve Jobs (deceased) and Bill Gates) but I know him from his book when I took an entrepeneur subject (the subject was supervised by the STEVENS's Institue of Technology, Thank you Dr. Gary Lind!). The book was The Art of Start. Of course, some of the story he writes and talk (courtesy of Youtube Videos) was mainly for technology and computer products (which sometimes dazzled me, since I know nothing about computer programming let alone building one) But what I do know is that I have something that I can show and give to the people. This is something that Guy also advocate; how to convey message and values to the people effectively (and at lower cost)

In APE, he and Shawn wrote on how to make a book passionately and distribute the love all around effectively (termed Artisanal Publishing). The goal here is on how to make a high-quality-not-amateurish book that can be sold and distribute to customer globally (APE show this)  untill either you can sell the rights to a publisher or continue to self publish (your choice).

Truth to be told, when I was reading this book, I never thougt the book was also going to give me detailed explaination and guides. Some of the self-publishing company in the web, the format of the book, how to write and even the styles intricacy in the several word processor, is discussed and explained throughout in APE. In other word, beside worrying about the content of the book, you also need to worry about the every-detail-in-your-book.Which is good. This because I actually learned a lot of things from APE. Sometimes you lost me, Guy, but thank you so much for that.( I had to make some further reading to understand what you write; like I said I'm no computer whiz, and I'm not an Ipad Owner, let alone an Iphone. The samsung Galaxy Y was my first android phone.)

 From APE as well, the habit of reading books in Ipads and Androids seems norm (sorry, I never heard of kindle before in Malaysia, I only knew after I read your book, Guy) in the west. In Malaysia, the reading habits here were poor for traditional books, let alone E-books. However, android and Ipads where everywhere and they were used only for basic function only (calls, messaging, and play games etc.) The extra capabilities such as reading were ignored (except for middle-age people; I always see they reading newspaper using Ipads) After reading APE, I am more determined to make an E-book in my language; Bahasa Malaysia for my fellow country men. I am determined to increased they reading habits. Thank you once again Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch.

APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepeneur-How to Publish a Book is out now in Amazon 
To purchase, go copy this link 
More info on the APE website

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